Small business loans for women and women minority groups

We Say YES When Banks Say No

You have been thinking about it for a long time! That perfect business idea has been incubating in your mind and you just want to let it out. No capital? All you need is a small business loan to get you started on the road to success. It’s easy. Small business loans for women especially in the minority sector are gaining importance today. Women own 38% of businesses in the United States. Our economy is finally opening up to providing women with adequate venture capital to start a business. Finding venture capital is very important. But finding it from the right source is even more important. Today there are different institutions that provide small business loans for women. Wondering where to start? Let us be your guide in identifying small business loans for women.

The government offers small business loans for women, minorities, and start-ups.

U.S. Small Business Administration or the SBA offers small business loan programs for women who may not be offered business loans by other institutions. A small one-page application can get you a loan to the extent of $150,000 and to be eligible you need to be a woman, a minority group, or a veteran. Preference is given to women from low and middle-income groups. Such small business loans for women have been instrumental in providing start-up capital to many industrialists.

CAPLines offer five different kinds of loans, especially for the construction of a commercial establishment. These are short-term working capital loan programs tailor-made for women wanting business loans. Women can take a small business loan of up to $200,000.

Government business loans for women can also take the form of 504 loans, Defense loans and Technical loans, Physical disaster business loans, Community Adjustment and Investment, Export Working Capital programs, and International Trade loans, all provided by the government.

Small business loans for women can also be sourced from Women’s Business Grants. This specialized organization offers small business loans specifically for women to support new and existing businesses. They have two programs namely the New Business Grant and the Existing Business Grant. The New Business Grant can get you a loan of $100 to $5000 and the Existing Business Grant ranges from $1000 to $5000. So the next time you need to expand your infrastructure or fund a new product, you know where to look.

Small business loans for women and women minority groups are not that difficult to find anymore. There are several well-reputed firms offering to provide small business loans for women apart from government small loans that are most popular today. So just go ahead and dream big! It could be a reality someday!

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